Vending Bucks

What vending bucks do.

1. Build a Positive Work Environment

2. Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Retention

3. Foster Company Loyalty

4. Improve Employee Engagement

5. Boost Productivity

6. Improve Morale and Employee Happiness

7. Helps with Recruiting Top Talent

8. Alignment Through Core Values

9. Better Customer Experience

10. Helps Avoid Burnout

11. Improves Well-being and Mental Health

What are Vending Bucks

Vending bucks are just like real money, but only work in our machines. This way you are not giving out cash. They can be give out for all types of things. And in some machines you can give the value that you would like. 


You can literarily put anything in a vending machine. From gift cards to headphone, some place company swag in the machines that is not available to everyone. We can price items how you would like. The vending bucks come in 3 forms. $1 dollar, $5 dollars or a Free Vend.  

Vending Bucks are not just for drinks and snacks